About Us

The Law Offices of Jane Chung is a professional law corporation based in Los Angeles, California. Our practice areas include Family, Criminal, Contract, and Immigration Law. Through our comprehensive knowledge in these fields of law, we provide expert legal services tailored to the specific needs and/or circumstances of individual clients.

With over 25 years of legal knowledge and experience, our attorneys provide immigration assistance for clients pursuing various nonimmigrant visas and/or permanent residency through family-sponsorships or employment-based immigrant petitions. Additionally, we defend our clients in removal/deportation proceedings by utilizing vigorous defensive tactics and appeals methods. We also combine our expertise in Immigration and Criminal Law to negotiate criminal charges and/or clear criminal records/convictions that often times may have negative consequences to the adjustment of status as a legal permanent resident and/or naturalization process.

Our seasoned trial attorneys effectively represent clients with complex legal issues in Criminal, Family and Contract Law. Moreover, our attorneys provide business clients assistance with contractual issues arising form operation of their business entities under various forms of ownerships, such as sole proprietorships, corporations, limited liability corporations, and non-profit organizations.

We offer legal consultation and related services to foreign business entrepreneurs and multinational corporations that desire to conduct business operations in the United States. Our services include the establishment of various types of business entities, review of contracts and official documents, and preparation and documentation of essential business records required by government agencies. We also assist U.S. businesses in obtaining the most highly qualified employees by facilitating the foreign labor employment process. We provide assistance with visa and immigration applications/petitions for those employees as well as guidance in various regulatory compliance issues.

We assure you that our professional, integrated legal services combined with our knowledge, experience, and compassion will the best investment you will make.